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About Us

this is us

our life, our dream, our story...

Bluefoot Cuisine is a culmination of culture, synergy, and passion. It was lovingly founded by Monica and Victor, who met in 1984 on a flight to the Galapagos Islands. Victor, a native to the islands, and Monica, a native Ecuadorian living in the U.S., fell in love at first glance. However, their individual lives and the distance between them led them down dissimilar paths.

Despite this, a subconscious tether kept them in each other’s minds and hearts, even when they found themselves separated by oceans of distance. During this period apart, Victor skillfully applied himself to the culinary arts. His affinity for food and its possibilities began in his childhood, whilst living on a farm, but Victor’s expertise was solidified during his employment as the captain of tourist boats in the Galapagos. He learned from the talented chefs aboard and soon applied his talents by opening his own restaurant in Santa Cruz.

After thirty-seven long years, fate finally reunited Victor and Monica, and they have been happily wed for three years since. Victor has left the familiarity of the islands, but he has taken every bit of his dedication to cooking with him to the US. Through Bluefoot Cuisine, Monica and Victor hope to bring their love of adventure, food, and their Ecuadorian heritage to America. When dining, they believe in fostering a community of compassion and hope their patrons will feel less like customers and more like family. They’ve worked tirelessly to make their dream a reality and are optimistic that their authentic cuisine will provide every visitor with a welcoming atmosphere and a genuine taste of the islands in every dish.

Love is at the root of Victor and Monica’s culinary tree, and it’s their pleasure to share its fruit with you.